D.P : Invisible


I have a lot of dreams that I hope would come true, a lot of things I would like to accomplish career wise but non of them seem to fall in place. My dreams are a handful or maybe a tank full that someone once told me to be realistic.

Sometimes I sit for a whole hour even a whole day daydreaming how life would be if I had it all now. While a lot of my friends seem like they have it all figured out I haven’t figured anything. Their lives are perfect, they have jobs I dream of, drive cars I see on TV and wear designer clothes I can only imagine myself in.

Three quarter of me has totally given up while a quarter of me wants to keep trying. It wants to keep pushing all the buttons until one day it gets the right one.

This quarter is what I yearn could be the whole of me. However much I try, I fail at the first attempt. Whenever I sleep, I see someone smiling at me with a face like the sun. An invisible person is urging me to keep pushing, trying and believing. Why do you have to be invisible, why don’t you just show yourself and let’s talk, it would help me a lot.

While watching a TV program today, someone mentioned that in order for anyone to succeed, he/she should not compare themselves to others it will bring him/her down. This touched me because I have this problem and how to get over it is even more difficult.


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